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That's $25 off your first 60 or 90 minute massage!!


STANDARD RATES (all sessions are customized for the client being treated)

All sessions include complimentary aromatherapy.


30 minute session: $50

45 minute session: $75

60 minute session: $85

75 minute session: $100

90 minute session: $115

Energy work (Reiki and Quantum-Touch):

30 minute add-on to your massage session: $30

60 minute Reiki session: $85

Quantum-Touch session (usually 45-60 minutes): $85 

Add-on for allergies, sinus pain, headaches: $15

A combination of hot towels, aromatherapy, face massage and foot reflexology is used to help clear your sinuses and relieve your headache. This service adds about 10 minutes to your session. 

Take home a 10mL roll-on for home use for only $5 (usual price $8)! Contains aromatherapy blend and jojoba oil.



You can SAVE BIG with packages! Purchase a package of three sessions and save 10%.


Specialty Service - ABHYANGA (Ayurvedic Massage): $140, approx 1 hour

In conjunction with Health Revolution Ayurveda, I perform Ayurvedic Massage (abhyanga). This amazing treatment includes a luxurious full body oil massage using herbally medicated oil and aromatherapy chosen specifically for you, as well as shiropicchu, which is a treatment in which herbalized oil is applied to the forehead to calm the mind. Additionally you will receive a complimentary dosha imbalance analysis.

Abhyanga is not your traditional "get the knots out" kind of massage - although it is very relaxing. It is a deeply healing oil treatment for the body, using oil that contains herbs for treatment of your specific dosha imbalances. (Click here for a quick primer on Ayurveda and doshas.)

Before your first visit, you will receive a dosha imbalance evaluation by Michelle Dexter Garber, Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner with the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America. For the evaluation, you will receive and complete dosha analysis forms and send to Michelle for review. She will then select or create your oils for the treatment as well as the aromatherapy. This process is essential to customizing the treatment to your needs, and therefore, your first abhyanga session will be booked a week or two in advance.

This treatment can not be booked online. Please call 443-764-4600 to schedule your appointment for abhyanga.


On-site Chair Massage:

$70 per hour on-site, plus travel fee of $35, per therapist. Set-up and break-down time is at no additional cost. 

**Sarapeutic accepts payment for services and gratuity in the form of cash, check and AmEx, Mastercard, Visa or Discover credit cards. We also are able to accept FSA/HSA cards, though you should check your plan to ensure that massage therapy (and gratuity, should you choose to add it) is an allowable purchase. Sarapeutic is not responsible for verification of eligibility, and in the event that the charge is disallowed and reversed, you agree to pay the cost of the session as well as any resultant fees from the reversal. **

We do not currently accept insurance, but we can provide you with a receipt to submit for reimbursement on your own.


**Investing in massage is an investment in your health.** 



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