aka Ayurvedic Massage

Abhyanga is a healing oil treatment for the entire body that delivers medicinal herbs through the skin all the way down to the nerves. Herbally medicated oil is prepared specifically for your healing needs, then applied to the body with a specific stroke sequence to drive the oil into the deepest tissues, so that all parts of the body down to the bones and nerves are nourished and balanced. This is the most luxurious, loving, and nourishing treatment in Ayurveda. The Sanskrit word for oil, "sneha", also means "love". This massage puts the feeling of love into every part of the body. When we feel loved down to the deepest part of ourselves, we feel content, calm, and relaxed. Deep healing begins and we release physical, emotional, and energetic baggage. 

While it is referred to as Ayurvedic massage, it is very different from the Swedish or deep tissue massages we usually think of when we hear the word "massage". Abhyanga does not involve deep tissue work, getting knots out, or even much pressure. The amount of pressure and speed of strokes used depend on the healing needs of the client.

Your abhyanga treatment also includes dosha evaluation, dosha balancing aromatherapy, and shiropicchu, which is treatment in which herbalized oil is applied to the forehead to calm the mind. 

A few of the many benefits: 

  • Promotes mental calm and clarity
  • Strengthens joints
  • Supports the body's daily detoxification system
  • Improves fat metabolism

Ready to get started? 

Call or email me to get the process started. 410-764-4600 or sarapeutic@gmail.com 

In order to determine what oil you need, you will need a dosha analysis. I work with/under Michelle Dexter Garber, Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner for the abhyanga service. If you aren't a current client of hers, there are a couple questionnaires that you will complete so that she can evaluate your dosha and any imbalances, in order to choose the right therapeutic oil for you. Once that analysis is complete we can schedule your session. I offer a variety of days and times so we can figure out what works best for your schedule. 


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